3DOTNEWS is a U.S. based privately owned online news site that features national, international and technology news.

Founded by Chris Simon, 3DOTNEWS began publication on March 17, 2014. Chris edits the pages of 3DOTNEWS throughout the day. Chris also dabbles in political satire, since 2007 he has created hundreds of humorous political CG graphics using the pen name PSBandit.

Chris was inspired to enter the news business by industry pioneers like Drudge Report, The Gateway Pundit and Breitbart News. As well as Conservative legends like Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin.

3DOTNEWS is committed to providing readers with the top news of the day, in a clear concise manner, in one convenient place. 3DOTNEWS attempts to cut through the Liberal bias, the smoke & mirrors and the corruption that propagates the news industry today to give our readers links to quality news from trusted sources.

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Page Layout

Top headlines appear directly below our site heading.

Regular headlines are displayed in 4 vertical columns. News in these columns is loosely organized by subject matter as follows:

1: U.S. political news and U.S. political opinion.
2: Worldwide news - war, terrorism, national security & military.
3: Worldwide news - politics, natural disasters, economic, business, health, sports & entertainment.
4: Worldwide news - science, space technology & computer technology.


The '3DOT' in the 3DOTNEWS name refers to the ... found at the end of our news links.


With the exception of a small number of conservative entities, like those listed above, the U.S. news industry is totally dominated by leftists; this is also true in terms of our education system and entertainment industry. 3DOTNEWS exists to help counter the corrupt PC leftist blight which is rapidly destroying western civilization; to help protect the U.S. Constitution and our republic as founded.